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CCA Overview

The Athletics CCA in GMSP is based upon the core Olympic motto of 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' (Faster, Higher, Stronger).  We aim to nurture each athlete to be fundamentally stronger both physically and mentally. Regardless of their individual starting points, each athlete is given the opportunity to maximise their potential through friendly and competitive platforms, both zonal and nation-wide.

In alignment with the national framework of developing all-rounded athletes, all members of the CCA are given opportunities to hone their sprinting, throwing and jumping skills through regular training sessions.  During the off-season, athletes are also exposed to other games and sports through cross-training, a tool which also encourages a strong team spirit and sense of belonging to the CCA.

We believe that each athlete is unique in terms of their aspirations and potential.  Through the myriad of learning opportunities offered in Athletics, we strive to be the platform for members to grow in friendship, body and mind.


Mr Jaysern Lee (IC)
Ms Shannon Loh (2IC)
Ms Goh Yu Cui
Mdm Kasthuree D/O T Kabilan

Coach: Rina


National School Games Track & Field 2022
(Junior Division)

  • Event: 120 metres
3rd Place Lock Sheng Herng (P5-5) 

  • Event: Vertical Jump
1st Place Lock Sheng Herng (P5-5) 
2nd Place Jerry Ang Min Zhe (P5-4)

  • Event: Long Jump with Take off zone
3rd Place Chloe Chan Si Kei (P4-8)

AKIRA/SWIFT Goh Teck Phuan Memorial Age Group Road Relay Championships 2019

  • Under 10 Girls (500m): 3rd
  • Under 10 Boys (500m): 3rd
  • Under 11 Girls (1km): 5th
  • Under 11 Boys (1km): 3rd
  • Under 12 Boys (1km): 5th

AKIRA/SWIFT Goh Teck Phuan Memorial Age Group Cross Country Championships 2019

  • Under 9 Boys (500m): Janesh (2nd); Umar (6th)
  • Under 9 Girls (500m): Rachael (7th)
  • Under 10 Boys (500m): Jun Rong (12th); Dominic (13th)
  • Under 10 Girls (500m): Shannon (8th); Shi Ying (9th); Xin Ning (10th); Hui Min (11th)
  • Under 11 Boys (1km): Xiang Yu (5th); Nithish (11th); Kishan (12th)
  • Under 11 Girls (1km): Rebecca (5th); Akhalya (14th); Harini (15th)
  • Under 12 Boys (1km): Jing Da (16th)
  • Under 12 Girls (1km): Dini (12th)

Singapore Primary School Council National School Games Track & Field Championships 2019 (selected results)

  • A Boys (200m): Haziq (1st) 
  • B Boys (1500m): Ramanathan (16th)
  • C Boys (600m): Seah Xiang Yu (16th)
  • C Girls (600m): Rebecca Tan (14th)