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English Culture & Language Club

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CCA Overview

GMS(P) English Language Drama Society (ELDS) is for all students who are interested in the various aspects of theatre. The activities provide members with the opportunities to explore and experience different theatre and drama techniques such as script-writing, acting, dancing, prop-making and voice projections. The sessions also help students to bond as they work together in teams for the different productions.

CCA Schedule

The training sessions are helmed by the teachers as well as by professional coaches from established production houses and are held during the official school hours for CCA.


Ms Saravanan (IC)
Ms Tan Li Ling (2IC)
Ms Cynthia Sun
Ms Joan Cheri Lim
Mrs Serene Ong
Ms Jean Tan


In 2018, we sought the support of ACT 3 to develop our students’ skills in puppetry and they performed for the CCA Open House Day. 

The students also performed a skit on racial integration and neighbourliness for the Racial Harmony Day commemoration in school.

In April 2019, all the ELDS members performed a skit for the International Friendship Day in which the different cultures and heritage of the 10 ASEAN nations were depicted. 

In July 2019, a group of students will perform a puppet show based on the story ‘The Lion King’ for the Treehouse Student Care as part of their VIA programme.

In November 2019, the ELDS will also be involved in the 95th Anniversary Celebration Concert.