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Other Health-related activities

Outside the Health Month, other health-related activities are arranged throughout the year to advocate a fit and healthy lifestyle for pupils and staff.


Pupils are taught the importance of having a good and well-balanced breakfast to start their day, full of energry with the Skippy Breakfast Programme and Knorr Porridge Assembly talks. 

Skippy peanut butter talk

Pupils enjoying the Skippy Peanut butter sandwiches


Pupils and staff enjoyed consuming healthier drinks such as Vitagen and Grow milk which are less in sugar and full of nutrients.

Vitagen show Quiz session

Grow Milk booth at canteen


The importance of personal hygiene are emphasised with the Dettol Handwashing Talk and Toothbrushing sessions for the lower primary pupils so that they can learn how to keep themselves clean and  stay healthy.

Our school dentist teaching the pupils the right way of brushing teeth




As part of the Health Education alternative assessments for the upper primary pupils, awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle which are anti drugs and smoking are highlighted. Pupils create posters, bookmarks and scrapbooks as part of their Health Education projects and visit the onsite Anti-Drug Bus to learn more about the dangers of consuming drugs from the friendly CNB officers.

Anti-Drug bus

Samples of  pupils' anti-drugs work


As part of the post-exam activities, every Primary 3 pupil will visit Healthzone to attend workshops on making wise food options for their daily meals and view the interactive exhibits on keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle.

 Pupils visit to Healthzone