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Boys' Brigade



I have grown both spiritually and physically, throughout the last four years in the 21st junior company. The CCA has instilled essential values in me. For example, Discipline, respect, obedience and compassion. The CCA's holistic programmes offered were also engaging and it aids me in honing my leadership skills.  Many of the boys looked forward to promotions and higher ranks as it gives a sense of achievement. I also had the opportunity to participate in competitions like Character Quest which assesses us on our bible knowledge. Winning the gold award in the competition held on the 28 of August, 2013 was the pinnacle of my BB experience. It was a great achievement for me as I had to train hard for year after year relentlessly before I finally triumphed. It was certainly a meaningful experience for me and I thank God for giving me wisdom that day to answer all the sophisticated questions that were asked.  Being in the CCA is certainly a meaningful experience for me as I am able to hear the word of gospel of God and also tone my body physically through the activities organized. I hope the company would continue to stand strong for generations to generations in GMSP.


Zechariah Tan


Leading Boy of 21J Coy


Past Years' Activities:


On Mt. Faber 

On the Urban Trail


Doing CIP during the Urban Trial

Team Building Games


Taking cover during Combat Skirmish


Strike a pose!


During meal time

Waiting for 'Creatures of the Night show' to start at the Night Safari. 


Area Cleaning


Well done!