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Our School Values

School Values


Honor God, school and nation

You are showing love for God, school and nation when you……...


  • say the pledge and sing the national anthem and the school song with pride
  • obey classroom and school rules and observe school procedures
  • show care and concern for teachers and peers
  • support school functions and activities  
  • work for the good of the school
  • uphold the name of the school

         You are showing  love for God when you obey God’s Word


Respect and compassion

You are showing respect and compassion when you……….


  • exercise self discipline and be considerate towards others regardless of their race, culture and religion
  • treat everyone fairly and kindly
  • listen attentively and respond appropriately
  • is sensitive to others’ feelings
  • realize that your actions will affect others

**  put others’ needs before your own

  • care for the environment
  • contribute positively to the community through kind deeds and actions



You are showing integrity when you …………

  •  are honest and sincere in words and in deeds
  • are accountable for your words and actions
  • fulfill a promise to your parents, teachers and friends
  • play fairly in sports, games and competitions
  • do what is right




  You are showing teamwork when you…………

  • do your fair share of your work when you are part of a team
  • respect everyone’s ideas when working in a team
  • investigate new ways of looking at things with your teammates
  • gain knowledge and develop your abilities to contribute to your team
  • work together as a team to solve problems
  • work for a common goal

**  put your team’s interest before your own

Passion for Learning


You are showing passion for learning when you………

  • adopt a positive attitude towards learning
  • take pride in your work and submit your assignments on time
  • set your own targets and work towards it
  • reflect and learn  from your mistakes and experiences
  • accept challenges and look for ways to overcome them
  • study hard to the best of your ability to achieve good grades