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2021 Gallery

P1 Transition
Prefects' Investiture
CNY Appreciation to Our Unsung Heroes
Recess Activity - Express yourselves
Egg Painting Workshop
Methodist Walk 2021
National Day 2021

97th Founders' Day

Our 97th Founders' Day was celebrated on 26th Mar 2021. It was broadcast live via Youtube. It can be viewed here.

Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight 2021

The Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight (MTLF) was held in Term 3 Week 3 and 4 this year. Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, MTLF 2021 was conducted across smaller groups and in line with Safe Management Measures across the various Primary 1 – 6 levels but that certainly did not dampen the spirit of the students who thoroughly enjoyed the activities that was thoughtfully planned for them.

The theme for MTLF 2021 was Cultural Immersion through Captivating Stories. Throughout these two weeks, students were brought on an exciting journey through storytelling and a series of cultural programmes conducted by their respective mother tongue teachers to help the students learn more of their culture through various engaging activities.

For Chinese Language, students participated in different activities such as playing of traditional games like pick-up sticks, getting to know why “red eggs” are used in birthday traditions, having a go at making red eggs, learning to make origami dumplings and more!

For Malay Language, students learnt to play traditional Malay games such as Congkak and Batu Semban, made traditional food like Epok-Epok using moulding clay, grooved to the traditional dance moves of Zapin, learnt to appreciate & write the traditional Jawi alphabets and much more.

Finally, Tamil Language students also did their fair share of interesting and unique activities like learning to make flower garlands and its symbolic meaning, learning about traditional costumes and how to drape a Saree or tie a Vesti, and dancing to the rhythmic Kollattam dances! 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video montage of MTLF 2021 and we will see you next year!