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Destination Imagination 2014

On 29 March, a team of 7 pupils from 5KI and 5JO took part in a creative and inventive thinking skills competition, “Destination Imagination 2014” hosted by ACS Junior School.

This national-level competition sees participation from teams ranging from the pre-school level right up to Junior College level.


The pupils were Chua Yi Jie (5KI), Tew Ci Heng, Nathan (5KI), Yeo Rui Sheng, Rayson (5KI), Jung Jeyoung (5JO), Anwar Shajahan Mohamed Salih (5KI), Looi Jia Min (5KI) and Aurellia Grace Tandase (5KI)


Having had some experience from handling non-routine subject matter in their P4 HAL programme last year, the pupils were up for the challenge.

The pupils decided to embark on a Theatrical Challenge entitled “Laugh Art Loud” where they had to present the works and art form of a recognised artist through a comic strip.

There were also some other constraints but the pupils took everything in their stride and crafted their script, props and action enthusiastically.


They also had to perform an Instant Challenge where they hve to solve a challenge within four minutes by harnessing their team work and intellectual prowess.

GMSP blew the competition away by topping our group. For their main challenge, they managed to overcome several niggling problems to present confidently and convincingly to a captive audience.

 They were rewarded for all their efforts and did not walk away empty-handed. They won 3rd place among the 7 teams that participated in that category which include illustrious schools such as Rosyth School and ACS (Junior).


Kudos to the team for determination, dedication and diligence!

Well done pupils! 


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