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FM@GMSP 2017


Parenting By Personality – DISC WAY

22 April 2017, 9.30am am to 12.30 pm, Tamil Room 2

Registration at 9am, RSVP by 17 April 2017


At this workshop, you will gain insights on how to effectively motivate your child to learn and excel based on his/her distinct personality.


ü  Apply DISC personality profiling to understand our children’s needs

ü  Discover the motivators that make your children tick

ü  Raise your children according to their unique strength

ü  Aware of your own personality and behaviour

ü  Improve your relationship with others


Speaker’s Profile

Michael Chua holds a B.A. Counselling Psychology, Reality Therapy Certified (USA), Accredited Success Coach (Life business Aust), Accredited Triple P Parenting, ACTA Certified, P.I.C.K. Instructor Life Changes (USA) and Living Values Educator & Certified Behavioral Consultant (DISC). He has received training in Basic/Casework Youth at Risk, Basic Mental Health, Community Counseling, Suicide Intervention, Family Violence, National Community Crisis Response (NOVA) & Basic/Advance Mediation, Coaching skills and been trained in experiential based learning. 


If interested, pick up registration form from the School’s General Office.

For enquiries, please email Surina: fmgmsp5022@gmail.com