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Science Department

About Us

Vision: A Community of Learners, sharing the joy of inquiry Science.


Besides the semester written assessments, we conduct performance-based assessments such as practical tests, journals, reflections and problem-solving activities.


Enrichment activities and/ or learning trails have been planned to allow our pupils to learn beyond the classrooms :


P3 — Science and NE Trail @ the zoo
P4 — Science and NE Trail @ the Botanic Gardens
P5 — DNA Workshop @ Science Centre

P6 — Aquatic Plants and Animals Workshop @ Science Centre
P2 — Fun Science Programme


To make learning more engaging, our pupils are given the opportunities to learn through inquiry lessons as well as the use of ICT. Our learning portal, GMlites, has supported online learning.


To further tap on ICT technology, pupils use the UMPC and digital cameras to work collaboratively in groups to gather information from websites and write their reflections at GMlites. Pupils also use dataloggers to measure heartbeat, light intensity, temperature PH and oxygen level.


Through the various strategies, we hope to motivate our pupils to be more active learners and be excited about the things around them, as well as inculcate in them the spirit of scientific inquiry and be able to apply Science in their daily life.


Miss Janice Tor
HOD (Science)