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ICT Department

About Us

Vision: Harnessing ICT for Engaged Learning to build the 21st Century Learner


In line with MOE’s mp3 goals, the ICT department recognises the importance of ICT in today’s context and seeks to equip learners with the necessary skills so as to enable them to be able to utilise ICT effectively and competently to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


To achieve this vision, a 2-pronged approach is adopted:

  1. Equipping staff with the skills to design and carry out ICT enhanced lessons
  2. Developing pupils with the competencies for self-directed and collaborative learning through the effective use of ICT as well as become discerning and responsible ICT users


The ICT department continues to experiment with new technology to bring about Engaged learning in the classroom. By harnessing technology, we are able to make learning fun and most importantly meaningful for the pupils. In view of the 21st Century Competencies, the ICT department is continuously working with the IP departments to integrate the use of technology, content and skills. While the educational landscape changes, the department is aware of the changes in the available technologies and makes every effort to expose the pupils to them. In addition, the department is committed to ensure that the pupils have the necessary skills to become discerning users of technology.


The school has undergone SSOE (Schools’ Standard Operating Environment) in line with the policy of MOE. The department is glad to be able to expand the resources for Teaching and Learning (T&L) in the classroom. The department is continually evaluating new technologies to expand the resources needed to support T&L in the classroom.


This year, we are focused in helping develop the teachers and pupils to build self-directed competencies. The teachers are collaborating in their Professional Learning Teams to develop lessons to develop the Self-Directed Learner (SDL). With the new infrastructure and a team of dedicated teachers, we are confident that we are able to prepare our pupils to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. 


Mr Marcus Tan