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STELLAR- Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading


GMS(P) started the STELLAR Programme in 2008 . STELLAR is a language teaching programme that is designed to help our Lower Primary pupils acquire English Language skills through activities in speaking, listening, reading and writing. One of the main focus of STELLAR is the use of the Shared Book Approach (SBA), an integrated and balanced language teaching approach that uses motivating and enjoyable “big books” of enlarged print and illustrations. STELLAR is part of SEED although its primary focus is on reading and language acquisition.


The Modified Language Experience (MLEA) is incorporated into STELLAR where pupils begin their writing experiences in small groups of mixed abilities. There are also learning centres where small groups of children at similar levels of progress can gather for the reinforcement and extension of SBA and MLEA. The school provides very strong support for STELLAR in terms of training and teaching resources. It is the greatest desire of the teachers to guide our pupils through STELLAR so that they will be able to communicate effectively in English both in oral and written forms.