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Our Pupils' Writings

The Prince and the Bean


Lim Jia Yi
6 Love


I’m a rich, gorgeous young lady who lives in a mansion in the United Kingdom. I have blond hair that fall to my mid-back, big brown eyes and a petite frame. My parents and friends all call me Princess Sophie because I’ve 2 bedrooms full of clothing. It’s fine though; I’m not concerned about what other people think. Anyway, I’m 27 and ready to get married. My parents try to set me up on blind dates, but I don’t like any of those guys. I’m still brooding about it, until that particular night…


That night, there was a torrential snowstorm. Strong winds blew and icicles fell from the sky. “Knock Knock” came a sound. “Mom, Dad, there’s someone out there in the snowstorm!” I called out, making my way to the door from the sofa where I was sprawled, watching television. Mom and Dad came down from their room and I opened the door. Cold blasts of wind blew in (so glad that I was wearing my Vera Wang cashmere sweater and black capris) and a surprisingly handsome young man stood outside in the cold. I invited him in and he told us his tale. "I’m Lan Dean. My rich dad forced me to marry a super ugly lady so that he will become richer, so I ran away from home." Lan smiled, revealing a set of crooked teeth. Then, he started looking at me strangely. I looked down, feeling embarrassed. I thought," He must think my clothes are ugly. I’ll change." I ran up to my room, changed into a baby tee with elastic pants (sleeping attire), sprayed a little Chanel No.5 and zoomed down to the living room. Mom was giving Lan a set of Dad’s pajamas and he headed to the bathroom. Mom winked at me and she went into the guest room without a word.


I followed her in and saw something that made my mouth hang agape. Twenty posture-pedic mattresses were piled on each other! Mom whispered, "I’ve placed a bean on the first mattress. Lan would be able to sense it if he really is what he says he is. “I shrugged and went to sleep.


The next morning, I awoke and washed up. I changed into a primrose dress that reached my knees and a pair of knee-high snow boots. Lan was already awake and eating when Mom, Dad and I came down. “Did you sleep well?" Mom asked Lan,who looked kinda bruised. "No, there was something in the mattresses. It bruised me.” Lan gestured to his bruises. Mom yelped in joy, "He’s a real rich kid! Lan, will you marry Sophie?" Lan nodded his head shyly and I too shyly murmured a "Yes". The very next day, we got married and went to Japan for our honeymoon.




Funny Moment (1)


Written by Lim Chang Hong of Pr 6 Kindness


My mother once bought me a steamed bun. I salivated at the sight of it and quickly snatched it from her hand. I was relishing to savour the famous ‘pau’ that was sold at a coffee shop near where I live. As I sank my teeth into it, deep enough to savour the delicious ‘skin’ of the steamed bun (for I detested the sweet and delicious barbequed meat filling), the most astonishing thing happened. I accidentally knocked it out of my hand and down it went, onto the ‘filthy’ floor.


I let out a loud, “Oh man!”


My mother, amused by it all, grinned from ear to ear.


Acrostic Poem 1

Kind in every way
Intelligent and gifted
Never gives up
Diligent and hardworking
Never says die
Efficient in doing anything
Sensible and considerate


Acrostic Poem 2

Friendly and funny
Respectful and responsible
Each is unique
Never leaves you when in times of trouble
Delightful always
Stands by you when you are down


By 6 Kindess



My Dream Invention


Cheryl Cheng
6 Joy


I have a dream of making a very special helmet. This helmet would be of very good use for people with close contact with animals. It can translate what animals are trying to say. For example, when someone wears this helmet and is very near a bear, he might hear something like, “Stay away, or else I will be nasty”. Another example is when the owner of a dog comes home, he might hear, “Owner! You have come back! I have been waiting for you! I love you!” This helmet would help us understand animals more.


To make this special helmet, I would need the help of some people who already understand animals and the way they communicate. I would put their knowledge into this helmet of communication. I would definitely want to have three of my best friends making this very special invention with me.


I will also not forget that we must add in a special microphone to talk to animals too. It will be connected to the helmet with a wire. I would like to create this whole invention for Singapore in the future, maybe ten years later (if I still can remember). I hope I can!


This helmet is named “The Helmet of Communication”. Well, I just hope that even if I forget about it, someone else will think of this idea and make the creation that I have thought of.



My Reflection on a Newspaper Article


Janice Lim
6 Joy


I read a newspaper article on Dr Goh Keng Swee. Dr Goh Keng Swee passed away at age 91 because of a prolonged disease. In the 1960s, Dr Goh, then in his 40s went with some People’s Action Party activists to a shop house. To their surprise, he bounded up the stairs and consumed the drinks and tidbits the poor families offered them, listening to their woes and wants. Dr Goh was MP for one of the poorest and most overcrowded in Singapore- Kreta Ayer.


Mr Choo Wye Foo, age 75, who helps out at the Tanjong Pagar branch, recalled that Dr Goh had been sincere and easy- going in dealing with the residents to serve them and help them with their problems. Dr Goh not only helped families settle into new Housing Board( HDB) flats, but also found jobs for many in his 25 years at Kreta Ayer, making sure they settled in well and on Sunday mornings, he would go door- to- door to ask residents if they were comfortable in their new homes.


Dr Goh would go all out to ask companies and the People’s Association to help residents find jobs, firmly turning down two requests: exemptions from national service, or to jump the queue for HDB flats, former branch activist Lee Kok Meng, age 72, recounted. He also added that Dr Goh was particularly concerned about the sizeable number of elderly poor in his ward, who had arrived in their youth from China, to work as construction labourers, never married and have no one to support them. They would get hongbao and gifts of rice, sugar, and other foodstuff on top of their monthly public assistance payment.


Dr Goh set out two main objectives for the theatre and its foundation: promote traditional performing art forms, and help the poor and needy with profits from the performances.


I think this newspaper article is very interesting as I can learn more about Dr Goh’s contribution to the society, as well as his character- he doesn’t despise the poor and needy, as well as being kind and caring, far- sighted, astute and humble.



Armed Robbery


Written by Vivien Teo
6 Hope


Last week, there was an armed robbery at the DBS Bank, located at Bedok Road. It happened in the evening. The place was not crowded that day.


Out of the blue, three armed men barged into the bank. They were wearing sunglasses. They looked fierce and ruthless. Many people in the bank at that time were taken aback and looked terrified at their appearances. Two of the robbers pointed their guns at the bank tellers. The bank tellers were in cold sweat. They were dumbfounded by the reactions of the robbers.


The robbers demanded the bank tellers to surrender all their money to them. With knees shaking, the bank tellers did as they were told.


Upon realising that the security camera was recording their actions, one of the robbers fired a shot at it. Meanwhile, one of the victims tried to call for the police using his mobile telephone. One eagle-eyed robber spotted his action and fired a shot at his leg. He immediately groaned in pain.


Blood oozed out profusely from the shot wound. An old woman, who saw it, collapsed and fainted on the floor. The security guard tried to sneak to the back of the bank. He stepped on the alarm which was located next to him. The alarm would activate and alert the police of the situation. Fortunately, his action was not observed by any of the robbers.


In no time, the police sirens could be heard in the vicinity. Fresh feelings of panic filled the robbers. They bolted out of the bank with their loot. It was a gruesome sight in the bank, with the huge puddle of blood on the floor and the astounded victims! The robbers made their wasy to the getaway car. It fled the scene as soon as it could.


The police arrived at the scene and upon realising that the robbers were getting away, they gave chase. They managed to shoot at the tyre and immediately the driver of the car lost control and screeched to a halt.


The police stopped their car and cordoned the area. They managed to surround the culprits. The robbers were flabbergasted. They surrended to the police. The loot was later retrieved and returned to the bank.


The robbers each had a tale to tell for their actions. One of them needed money so badly for his son’s terminal illness while the other two were desperate to pay off their huge debts to the loansharks.


Nevertheless, the robbers were captured and sentenced to life imprisonment.



Fractured Fairytale – Little Red Riding Hood


Have you ever heard about the fairytale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’?


Well, the whole fairytale is untrue!!!


I am the wolf. I survived because my friend, The Howling Wolf, had rescued me after eating up the three little pigs.


Here’s the real story… It all started from the hatred between Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother and Grandma Snow White. Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother had lost out to Grandma Snow White in a beauty pageant many, many years ago. Hence, she tried to poison Snow White so that she could be the fairest of them all. However, as we all knew, her plan failed. Every fairytale characters heard of her evil-doings and were disgusted.


One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother cast a spell on some cakes and apples, planning to kill Grandma Snow White once again. She commanded Little Red Riding Hood to give those cakes and apples to Grandma Snow White. I met Little Red Riding Hood along the road and knew that the evil grandmother had struck again.


I quickly ran to Snow White’s house. Since there was no suitable place to hide her, I decided to sacrifice myself – I wanted to put Snow White in my stomach (by swallowing her of course!). However, I thought that it would safer to do it in the woods so that the soldiers would not misunderstand my good intention.


But I never thought that she would bring a hunter along. When I had stretched open my jaws wide and was mentally prepared to swallow her alive, I was shot! Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, having learnt her lesson from the first attempt, had bribed the hunter. He killed Snow White and made me the scapegoat!


As such, Snow White did not live happily ever after with her Prince. My advice to all children - DO NOT BELIEVE IN FAIRYTALES!


Written by:
Low Wen Xuan
6 Grace