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English Department

About Us

HOD: Ms Joylynn Lim

LH:    Ms Tang Di Ya

STs:  Mrs Rosini Haniff, Mr Saravanan



Vision: Developing Effective Users of English


Mission: Our pupils will be guided and taught to listen with understanding; speak and write well to be understood.


The English Department believes that the acquisition and gaining competency of the English Language is fundamental for achieving success not only in school but also when they reach adulthood. As such, we strive to ensure that our pupils meet at least the basic standards of the four major skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.  


To help us work towards our vision, the English curriculum is designed to achieve a maximum learning outcome whereby our pupils become life-long learners, innovative thinkers and problem-solvers.


Adopting the philosophy that if children do not learn the way they are taught, then we must teach them the way they learn best, teachers at GMSP are always encouraged and provided with the necessary support and infrastructure to present their pupils with exciting and relevant learning activities to motivate and engage them in the learning of the English Language.  



EL Department Programmes and Activities

Pri 1

Learning Support Programme, Speech & Drama, 1-for-1 Book Exchange Day

English Reading Programme 

Free Writing


Reader Awards


Good English Movement

Character Come Alive Day

Pri 2

Pri 3

Reader's Theatre Programme, Spelling Bee Competition

Pri 4

Spelling Bee Competition,  Little Red Dot Programme, Praise@SAM (integrated with Social Studies and Art)

Pri 5

Spelling Bee Competition,  Debate Competition, Little Red Dot Programme

Pri 6

Spelling Bee Competition, Oral Workshop, Little Red Dot Programme


Our holistic and ability-driven approach ensures that no child is deprived the opportunity to realize his or her full potential.