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A Community of Learners, Sharing the Joy of Inquiry Science


To inspire Scientific learning based on ethical reasoning and impact the society positively


i3 in GMS(P) Science
- To develop Interest in Science learning
- To allow students to develop scientific competencies through Inquiry-based learning
- To deepen learning by Intensifying the understanding of global current affairs and 
  external partnerships

Curriculum Structure and Key Programmes

Building interest through:
a. Learning Journeys so that learning takes place beyond the four walls of the classroom
b. Place-based learning: Garden trails, Aquaponics
c. Storytelling or Role-play as lesson introduction
d. School-wide Assembly talks

Teaching through Inquiry-based learning using the 5E framework

Deepening learning through:
a. Newspaper articles
b. Understanding of current affairs
c. Partnerships with NParks, PUB and NEA to bring learning to life

Pedagogical Approaches / Strategies

The Department follows closely to MOE Science Curriculum Framework and adopts the Inquiry-Based Approach as one of the main pedagogical approach in our teaching and learning.

The students will undergo the 5E framework in all the topics and the learning will be more student-centric in which students are expected to plan and conduct their own experiments by the time they reach Primary 6.

Due to the affordance of ICT and our school facilities, the department also taps on Place-Based learning to allow learning to take place outside the classroom through our Sensory Gardens and Eco-Gardens. This helps us to engage students, arouse their curiosity and develop their process skills such as observation skills and questioning.

Other Events / Programmes

1) Enrichment Programmes

Excellence 2000 (E2K) Science Programme Singapore
This programme is for selected P4 & P5 students who demonstrates keen interest and ability in Science. The programme engages pupils in scientific investigations involving advanced science concepts. It aims to engage pupils in scientific inquiry that will help them to develop the habits, attitudes and dispositions scientists possess as well as gain important 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills. (Adapted from MOE website)

Selected criteria is based on students' Science results and teachers' observations. The sessions are conducted on Tuesdays.

2) Participation in External Events or Competitions