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Physical & Health Education

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Every pupil to be developed physically, cognitively and socially.


To equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


In order to achieve the desired outcomes, we have adopted a 3-pronged approach: Equip, Enthuse, Expose

Curriculum Structure and Key Programmes

A wide variety of programmes have been planned to Equip, Enthuse, Expose

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Pedagogical Approaches / Strategies

Knowledge and Skills (Equip)

Broad-based learning through progressive and spiral PE curriculum develops every pupil’s physical, cognitive and social wellness. Targeted sports modules are implemented across levels so that pupils are able to appreciate and gain skills across a wide variety of sports and games. Critical thinking skills are also inculcated during lessons using meaningful connections to game concepts and practical applications of good health practices in physical activities.

To ensure that our teachers are well-equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to teach PE, school-based workshops are organised and time-tabled time is allocated for professional sharing amongst teachers to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Nurture Curiosity and Creativity in pupils via Innovative T&L (Enthuse) 

Innogames @ GMS(P)

To provide pupils with authentic platforms to showcase their creativity in sports, P6 pupils undergo a PE module (Innogames) in Term 3 spanning a period of 8 weeks during PE lessons. Innogames also provide opportunities for pupils to apply their knowledge and skills in the three main games categories: Territorial/Invasion, Net/Barrier and Striking/Fielding, thereby strengthening their understanding on game concepts. 

In groups of 5 to 6, they have to design a self-created game based on any of the three games categories, with rules, number of players, how-to-play, equipment, playing area and etc. They then have to write a proposal and present/demonstrate their game to the teacher, then level (for selected games). The best game for each class will be showcased and played on a designated day called Innogames Day where all P6 pupils will experiment, play and vote for the game they like best.

To recognize the facets of Innovation, awards for the games are as follows:
Most Innovative Game 
Most Popular Game
The Green Award
Best Presenter Award

Provide a Supportive School Culture and Environment (Expose)

The Department seeks to provide a conducive environment for our pupils to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude for healthy living through a variety of programmes during and outside curriculum time. School-wide programmes such as Interclass Tournaments and Sports Carnival provided opportunities for our pupils with the authentic sport experience and a platform to appreciate sporting values and participation beyond the PE lesson setting. In our sustained effort to heighten pupils’ awareness the importance of healthy eating and living, a range of activities were also organized. These included the Health Awareness Week, Recess Play and collaboration with Health Promotion Board in engaging pupils with Anti-Smoking skit during assembly.

Other Events / Programmes

Health Education

To educate and equip our students with the knowledge on the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.



Target Level


Health Awareness Campaign

All levels

Term 1

Smoking Prevention Programme

All levels

Term 2

Health-related assembly Talks

All levels

Term 1-4

NKF School Outreach Programmes

All levels

Term 3

Coaching Sessions

P4 – P6

Term 3-4

“Catch Me Eat Good”

P1 – P2

Term 3-4

Roving Carnival

All levels

Term 4