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Physical & Health Education

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Every pupil to be developed physically, cognitively and socially.


To equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


In order to achieve the desired outcomes, we have adopted a 3-pronged approach: Equip, Enthuse, Expose

Curriculum Structure and Key Programmes

Physical and Health Education in Geylang Methodist School (Primary) aims to develop our students into competent individuals who are able to learn physical skills and healthy habits to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Students in GMS(P) are engaged in interesting physical and sporting activities that focus on fundamental motor skills and impressions leading towards specific movement patterns applicable to an array of skillset found in sports and games skills. The key learning areas found in MOE’s PE syllabus (Primary) are taught and learned by our student’s in their participation in PE. The physical activities are:

  • Dance

  • Sports and Games

  • Gymnastics

  • Physical Health & fitness

  • Outdoor Education

  • Athletics

  • Swimming

Through PE, students live up to the school’s motto of ‘To grow in body, friendship and mind’ and develop 21st century core competencies socio-emotional skills.

Additionally, PE and health programmes in the school provide students with active, sporting opportunities and increase health awareness in the form of:

  1. Level Camp for P5

  2. Health Awareness Week

  3. Unstructured Play 

  4. Swimsafer Programme

  5. Inter-Class Games, and lots more

Pedagogical Approaches / Strategies

In striving towards holistic education, the PE Department has equipped our students with the blended learning approach with interesting and fun learning packages in Students’ Learning Space (SLS) portal. With this, students can be engaged in their learning of PE even when they are at home and indoors.