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Tamil Language

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Every Child an Active Learner and Proficient User of MTL


  • To develop 21st century learners who love & appreciate Tamil Language
  • To inculcate cultural values through authentic platforms  


The Tamil Language curriculum aims to inculcate in all our students 3 broad objectives in the teaching and learning of MTL:

1) Communication – to develop proficient language users who can communicate in a confident, effective and meaningful way in real-life situations.

2) Culture – to nurture our students to understand and have a deeper appreciation for their culture and traditions associated with each MTL in our society.

3) Connection – to enable our students to connect with communities across Asia who speak and share the language and culture.

Curriculum Structure and Key Programmes

Besides the effective use of the curriculum materials, guidebooks and resources from AST (TL unit), Manavar Murasu, OPAL, MK small readers and Sutti Mayil magazine are additional support infused in the curriculum for teaching and learning at the TL classroom.


Key Classroom FocusSchool-Wide Activities
Lower Primary

  • Develop a strong foundation in Listening & Speaking Skills

  • Modified Shared Book Approach (SBA) for Big Book Reading

  • Mastery of the Tamil alphabets using play-based activities and spelling bee

Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities (P1-P6)

Tamil Reading Programme (P3-P6)

Reading Awards (P3-P6)

Sutti Mayyil Supplementary Reader (P4-P6)

Cultural Camp (P2)

Cultural Exposure via Learning Journey (P5)

Middle Primary

  • Enhancing Spoken Interactive Skills using Role-play & Think-Pair-Share routines  

  • POWER Writing Strategy for Introduction on Composition writing

  • Modified Shared Book Approach (SBA) for Big Book reading

  • Touch-typing for Tamil 99 keyboard

Upper Primary

  • Engaging in E-Oral (Reading & Interactive) Skills using MTV Routines and ICT portals

  • Levelling up Writing Skills using samplers, student reflections and 1-1 post-conferencing

  • Enhance Comprehension skills using annotations 

Pedagogical Approaches / Strategies

In GMSP, Tamil students are actively engaged in learning Tamil language and culture in a meaningful setting. They are provided with various opportunities to engage in active learning of the language so that they will be confident and proficient users of their MT language in their daily conversations.

The Singapore Teaching Practice serves as a guide for our teachers to plan and customize their lessons for their classes. Lessons are customized to arouse students’ interest and ignite the joy of learning Tamil Language. The key focus are as listed:

1. Oracy precedes reading & writing
2. Focus on applying the language in real-life situations
3. Use proficiency descriptors to motivate learners to progress to the next stage of                learning
4. Greater use of ICT to engage learning & extends learning beyond the classroom

Other Events / Programmes

  1. Enrichment Programmes

    Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities (Term 1)
    The lower primary students participated actively in WOW (Week of Wonder) projects where they explored and learnt more about their culture beyond the classroom routines. They were curious and went in search for their answers using the IPAD, interviewed parents and visited the school herbs garden. Teachers conducted food demos at class to get students to learn on an authentic platform. 

    The Primary 4 students were engaged in word challenges using Tamil scrabble cubes and board games. Primary 5 students were exposed to theatre works appreciation where they learnt about the appropriate voice modulations and facial expressions necessary for a play. They were event treated to watch a play – Shadow Puppetry at the Tampines Hub by AKTheatre. The Primary 6 students went in search of the Evolution of the Tamil Language in Singapore and the People behind all the hardwork. 

    Mini-classroom based research study by AST, MTTS
    Selected students from Primary 4 were engaged in a mini classroom based research study. Master teachers from AST conducted a 5-week session on enhancing writing skills of these students. 

    D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read Programme)
    Use of MK readers to enthuse a keen interest in reading for selected Primary 4 students. Lessons are conducted weekly using the modified SBA.

    [For Parents] – MTL E-Oral Workshop
    Parents of students in Pri 5 and 6 were invited for the workshop so that they are well informed of the new MT exam format for PSLE Oral exam. They were also given pointers and support in helping to guide and coach their children at home.

  2. Participation in External Events or Competitions

    Congratulations to all our participants:

   1) Tamizhodu Vilaiyaadu Competition 2018 – Emerged as Quarter Final Winners

   2) Tamil Translation Workshop for Primary 5 students in April 2018

   3) E5 Tamil Language Cluster Festival in April 2018

   4) Code & Play Programming workshop for Primary 5 students in September 2018

   5) Tamizhodu Vilaiyaadu Competition 2019 – Emerged as Quarter Final Winners