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Malay Language



Every Child an Active Learner and Proficient User of MTL


To ignite passion in pupils to love the language though heritage and cultural appreciation


The Malay Language curriculum aims to inculcate in all our students 3 broad objectives in the teaching and learning of MTL:

1) Communication – to develop proficient language users who can communicate in a          confident, effective and meaningful way in real-life situations.

2) Culture – to nurture our students to understand and have a deeper appreciation for          their culture and traditions associated with each MTL in our society.

3) Connection – to enable our students to connect with communities across Asia who        speak and share the language and culture.

Key Programmes 


Language Skills to be Developed


D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read Programme)  ReadingThe objective of this programme is to instil the love for reading and improve vocabulary and writing development. This programme contains the following components. 

(Supplementary Reading Materials such as Mari Membaca magazines are provided for P2 - P4. Malay Newspaper, Berita Harian GEN- G for P5 & P6)

Sustained Silent Reading Time
Students use the pre-assembly time twice a week to read Mother Tongue storybooks. 

Reading Portfolio
P2 - P6 students will keep their own Reading Log where they record the Titles of Books read, reflections, character study and new words learnt. At the end of term 4, students who have the highest number of books read will receive an award.
MTL E-Oral 
Spoken Interaction, SpeakingParents’ Workshop
Parents of students in P5 are invited for the workshop so that they are well informed of the new MT exam format for PSLE Oral exam. The aim is to share pointers and support parents so that they can guide and coach their children at home.

OREO Strategy for Students
In line with the MOE 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes, the OREO strategy is used by the P5 & P6 students to prepare themselves in the conversation for the E-Oral. This strategy allows them to be a confident speaker.

P2 Cultural Camp

Listening and SpeakingLights, Camera, Action!
P2 students will go through a 3 hours session of speech and drama. We want to inculcate values in our students in a fun way. They will learn moral values and learn to express themselves confidently and develop their language skills.
Mother Tongue FortnightCultural Experiential LearningThe Mother Tongue Fortnight has been carried out on Week 9 & 10 in Term 1 for P1 - P6 students. The objective of this programme is to create a conducive environment to promote MTL usage and learning during MTL class. We provide students with authentic opportunities for them to use MTL and learn about their own culture. They were involved in hands-on activities and exposed to the folklore, poems and batik origin.
WOW ProjectListening, Speaking and WritingThe P2 students participated actively in WOW (Week of Wonder) projects where they explored and learnt more about their culture beyond the classroom routines. Teachers conducted food demos in class to get students excited and engaged them with hands-on activities.

Other Programmes / Events

  1. Hari Raya Puasa Celebration
  2. Mother Tongue Fortnight
  3. Cultural Camp
  4. Structure Reading Programme
  5. Engage parents in MTL E-Oral Workshop