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Chinese Language

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To develop love & appreciation of MT Language & Culture


Every Child an Active Learner and Proficient User of MTL


The Chinese Language (CL) curriculum aims to develop students into proficient language users who can communicate in a confident, effective and meaningful way in real-life situations.

The CL curriculum aims to:

1) Strengthen Interaction skills
2) Enhance learning through greater use of Information & Communication Technology 
3) Create an Immersive Environment to support language & Cultural appreciation. 

Curriculum Structure and Key Programme


Key Classroom FocusSchool-Wide Activities
Lower Primary

Han Yu Pin Yin

Listening & Speaking Skills

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Cultural Camp

Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

Chinese Reading Programme

Reading Awards

Middle Primary

Spoken Interactive Skills

Reading & Writing Skills

Upper Primary

Interactive Skills

Comprehension Skills

Writing Skills

Language Application

Pedagogical Approaches / Strategies

1. Oracy precedes reading & writing.

2. Focus on applying the language in real-life situations.

3. Use proficiency descriptors to motivate learners to progress to the next stage of                learning

4. Greater use of ICT to engage learning & extends learning beyond the classrooms

Other Events / Programmes

1. Chinese New Year Celebration
2. Mother Tongue Fortnight
3. Cultural Camp
4. Structure Reading Programme
5. Engage parents in MTL E-Oral Workshop