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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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Quality learning through harnessing technology


To build a firm foundation in students' acquisition of ICT skills to enhance learning

To nurture students to be responsible digital citizens


The ICT department aims to to inculcate in all our students 3 core competencies at the completion of their 6 school years with us.

1) Curate - The ability to curate digital content and information accurately.

2) Create - The ability to create digital multimodal artefacts and make informed choices to use information ethically.

3) Connect - The ability to connect and communicate digitally and manage their digital footprint.

Curriculum and Key Programmes

ICT is used as an enabler for enhanced learning which all departments utilize to achieve a holistic education for the students.

Students learn a spectrum of skills, from the basics of touch-typing to the use of data collection tools and communication tools. We believe our students are digital natives and this complements their pre-existing knowledge on mobile device usage.

ICT is infused into the curriculum to make learning more effective, engaging and interesting for our students. Lessons in Cyber Hubs, outdoor learning, learning journeys all utilizes ICT hardware and software to enhance students’ learning experiences. Lessons on electronic platforms allows for self-direct learning while assessment on electronic platforms tests not just subject knowledge but ICT knowledge as well.

For students who wish to further enhance their ICT skills, Media Club is a platform which offers game development, drone programming, Microbits, Movie-making and MS Office skills.

While encouraging our students to make use of technology, we recognize the importance of educating our students to be discerning and responsible digital citizens. The inculcation of Cyber Wellness concepts in students, enable students to recognize potential hazards that can take place in the Cyber World and teaches them the skills to protect themselves.

Pedagogical Approaches / Strategies

The teaching of ICT utilizes the infusion approach in which ICT knowledge and skills are adapted and integrated seamlessly into various subject areas. This approach allows for ample opportunities for situated learning embedded within the curriculum.