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Values-In-Action (VIA)

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To develop the compassionate leader in our students, the school has structured VIA platforms at the various levels for the students to exhibit the values taught. 

Most of the platforms provided are aligned to the CCE curriculum to give students the opportunity to demonstrate the values that were taught during their CCE lessons.



VIA Experience

Primary 1 Responsibility to Self and FamilyActivity 1: I Can Take Care Of Myself 
Primary 2 Responsibility to Self and FamilyActivity 1: I Can Take Care Of My Family

Activity 2: P1 and P2 Buddy Programme
Primary 3Responsibility to School and CommunityActivity 1: A Gift of Love 
Making of appreciate cards for our non-teaching staff in the school

Activity 2: Let’s Keep Our School Clean; P3 Mozzie Wipe- It -Out Project

Primary 4
Responsibility to School and CommunityActivity 1: Acts of Appreciation 

A project with Filos Community to teach our students on Care for the Elderly and to create awareness of issues faced by the elderly especially Dementia
Primary 5
Responsibility to the Nation and the WorldActivity 1: To promote awareness and advocate for the Care of School and Public property 
Primary 6Responsibility to the Nation and the WorldActivity 1:  P6 WeeBiz and Microbits Project 

Besides the level VIA experiences, as one of the Student Leadership and CCA outcome
is to promote the spirit of service to the community, student leaders as well as students from Primary 3 to 6 are also given platforms during their CCA to initiate or to be involved in VIA experiences that will enable them to use leadership skills or talents to serve for a good cause.

While carrying out their VIA projects, students are guided by the following guidelines:

- Students can take an ACTION to improve a situation that they care about
- Students can help to promote Awareness about an important issue/ concern in the          community
- Students can become Advocates to inspire and influence others to make a difference      in something that they care about