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National Education & Social Studies

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The National Education and Social Studies (NESS) curriculum in Geylang Methodist School (Primary) aims to develop pupils to function effectively as global citizens who stay rooted to Singapore through:

1) Encouraging perspective-taking in NE discussions especially in contemporary issues        to enable our students to have an appreciation of the evolving Singapore Story.

2) Creating experiences that empower students to find their own meaning of what it              means to be a Singapore citizen and contribute to the society.

3) Inculcating cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity to interact with people of other          cultures.

Curriculum Structure and Key Programmes 

To enable us work towards our vision, the NESS curriculum is designed to achieve a maximum learning outcome through focusing on 4 big areas below:





Active Community Life


Primary 1 & 2: Responsibility to Self and Environment                                                           
Primary 3 & 4: Responsibility to School & Environment                                                         
Primary 5 & 6: Responsibility to Nation and the World

 2National and Cultural IdentitySS Curriculum

4 Core Events: TDD, IFD, RHD, ND             

Learning Journey: Level-based Learning Journey     
Subject Infusion: Termly Story book sharing during English Reading Period

Professional Development for Teachers            
 3Global Awareness
SS: Monthly Upper Primary Level-based Current Affairs Period

Students: Kids News on Messaging TV       

Staff: Contemporary Issues per Semester   

Management: 5 min Discussion  on Contemporary Issues during School Management Team Meeting      
 4Socio-cultural Sensitivity and Awareness4 Core Events: TDD, IFD, RHD, ND

SS / CCE / PAL Lessons

  • Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • Overseas Immersion Programme
  • Cultural Exchange Programmes