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To IGNITE passion, INSTILL discipline and INSPIRE creativity in our students' pursuit for artistic excellence.


To create opportunities to students to champion the CREATIVITY and APPRECIATION of the ARTS.


The department believes that arts is an excellent platform and catalyst to inspire and motivate our young minds to be responsible citizens and to be deeply connected to their community.

Curriculum Structure and Key Programmes

As part of the ARTSperience@GMS(P), we collaborate with various organisations, and the communities. These numerous collaborations provide rich learning experience for our young artistes as they share their art and music skills at multiple platforms and form a learning community in order to work collectively and collaboratively. Artsperience and our Music programme also nurture the development of meaningful relationships between GMS(P) and our stakeholders.


Key Programmes

School-Wide Activities

Primary 1

Experience music concepts through activities

2-D art making

  • Engage Learning through Singing
  • Artsperience@Recess
  • Community Singing during Assembly
  • Museum-based Learning

Primary 2

Primary 3

Experience in learning the Recorder

Exposure of cultural music through Angklung

3-D art making

Primary 4

Exposure and Excel in playing the Recorder

Creating through Ipad Garage Band


Primary 5

Experience and Exposure of music by learning the keyboard and Ukulele


Primary 6

Experience and Exposure of music by learning the keyboard and Ukulele

Learning of Indonesia Culture through Batik Painting

Pedagogical Approach

1) Moulding our students to be self-directed and inquisitive learners through art and music.

2) Instilling in them the sense of being rooted in Singapore and proud of their local talents and heritage through learning of local artistes.

Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition

Category A

Category B

Category C