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What Is It?
JazzBallet is an exciting style of ballet with jazz incorporated into it. 

JazzBallet at GMSP
JazzBallet at GMSP was set up this year (2018) with 14 enthusiastic learners, comprising of students both with and without dance backgrounds. Dance holds a special place in their hearts and often fills it with joy. 

GMSP dancers work towards a common goal of attaining excellence with joy. New friendships are forged in the process, as we strive to overcome various challenges as a team. JazzBallet is more than just an aesthetic art form. A strong set of values is instilled in very one of our dancers as they embark on their journey. 

The exciting performances lined up for us this year include Founders’ Day, Teachers’ Day and Speech Day.

Dance Motto

In JazzBallet, we believe that with the right attitude and determination, EVERYONE CAN DANCE! Through this CCA, we hope that students will be able to express themselves using their talents, showing who they can be. 

Instructor and Teachers
Our lovely instructor, Ms Ida, has 15 years of experience teaching ballet. She first learned ballet in the 1970’s at the once renowned Old National Theatre. She began her Jazz Ballet journey in 1979 and moved on to complete her graded studies in classical ballet. An accomplished dancer and instructor, Ms Ida has won a national competition with her choreography. Lively, loving and encouraging in nature, she is well loved by the kids and inspires them to give their best at all times. 


·      Ms Maithilli

·      Mdm Laila