Our activities include:
Stage Acting
Script Writing
Props making
'Live' Broadcasting


Values-In-Action 2016

Our ELDS members visited the Christalite Methodist Home at Woodlands for a Value-In-Action trip to give back to the community. We engaged the residents who suffer from psychiatric illness which includes dementia, wheel chair bound aged residents and the aged who require special care in their diet and/or nursing care through sing-a-long community songs sessions. We wanted to benefit the talents from all our members and the enthusiasm our members have to entertain the residents. It was a very enriching trip that allowed our members to interact with the residents through community songs. 

International Friendship Day

Our school commemorated International Friendship Day on 7 April 2016. ELDS put up a performance during morning and afternoon assembly in conjunction to this day. The 7 minutes skit which is scripted and directed by Mr Adib is about how friends of different nationalities should show care and love for one another, regardless of language and culture.


If you missed us in action, go ahead a click on the link below and watch our primary 3 members, being first time on stage, in action!



National Story Challenge 2016



8 of our school ELDS members were selected to participate in The National Story Challenge. The National Story Challenge Tournament is an original improvisational storytelling competition created by The Theatre Practice, and open to students in all primary and secondary schools.



We have been participating for 3 consecutive years and this year, one team, namely, (from left to right) Gwen 4JO, Maha 5GR, Siti 5DI and Bhanaviya 6KI, finally moved on to the Semifinals being top 18 schools out of 79 schools during the preliminaries.


Although we were not shortlist to be a finalist for the competiton, we have unlocked a new achievement and milestone for our CCA. BRAVO TEAM!

SUPER Concert 

Our ELDS members demonstrated our school values: love for school, respect and teamwork when we showcased out talents for the concert. We volunteered our Primary 3 to Primary 5 members for a mega closing flash mob dance to raise as much funds as possible to improve school facilities to support Teaching and Learning.


ELDS, together with all other talented pupils which are personally hand-picked by the Music teachers enjoyed ourselves when performing for over 300 audience in the Auditorium! It was a sweet, fruitful experience to be part of this charitable event.


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Total Defence Day

Will You Stand With Me?


An abstract piece by the Primary 4 to Primary 5 ELDS members depicts the

emotions and reactions after war and how, with the aid of

Total Defence: Psychological, Social, Economic, Civil and Military

the war victims regained power and strength to stand together as one united people.



Dangers of Cyber Contacts

Racial Harmony Day (Racial Riot)

Mime Act - My Wish