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P5 Media Club

The P5 Media Club pupils learned about advanced photography in term 1, and game creation using Construct 2 game creator software which they also infused Cyberwellness topics such as Game Addiction, Inappropriate Content, and Netiquette. 

 Photography Learning Journey to Joo Chiat Road


To wrap up our Photography Course, we were treated to a Learning Journey to Joo Chiat Road. We were really looking forward to this trip and to put into practice what we had already learnt.

Joo Chiat Road was chosen as this place is really rich in History and Culture. We were really spoilt for choice when it came to choosing the subject for our pictures! 

Enjoy looking at our pictures!

  -P5 Media Club Pupils













In term 1, the P6 Media club pupils, together with Mrs Lee LC and Mr Melvin Chin, had lots of fun to do peer coaching to P3 pupils who learned about the basic functions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

In term 2, the P6 Media club pupils learned how to conduct interviews, using the school air studio. This is in preparation for getting pupils to share their views on Cyberwellness topics. To do well in interviewing others, the pupils came up with scripts to anticipate questions on touch on Cyberwellness topics 


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