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Environment Education

Students’ Recount on Earth Week

April, the school celebrated Earth Week, a week dedicated to saving the earth, by holding short assembly talks on saving the earth. In this way, everybody can earn a tip or two about how to save the earth and if everyone does their part to save the earth and tells their parents and friends about Earth Week, the world would be a clean and green place. (Jobe 5Ki)

We talked about how we can save the earth. We also explained the danger of Global Warming and the 4Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle. We also had a booth to explain how some plastic cannot be recycled. (Jia En 5Ki)

I was shocked when many people raised their hands to say that they use plastic  bags at home. We hoped that our talk had an effect on them. We taught younger pupils about recycling plastic products. It would be wonderful if our dirty earth would become a beautiful heaven. (Jemimah 5Jo)

When we did the talk about Earth Week, I felt very proud as I knew I was contributing to Mother Earth by spreading Earth Week around the school. I knew that many students would have heard our talk and taken the initiative to practice the 4Rs and inform other people about Earth Week. I guess the initiative starts with one. If I had the chance, I will surely try to educate more people about Earth Week. (Anwar Shajahan MD Salih 6Ki)


Our Environmental Education Ambassadors giving a presentation on effects of global warming

Our Environmental Education Ambassadors make use of Earth week to show gratitude and

create awareness on how our actions affect Mother Earth

Talks on Global Warming and how we can all play our part

4Rs – Refuse, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Interesting recess activities to educate our young kids the harmful effects of plastic

Using technology to engage our young learners 



    Pupils in the club are exposed to activities that helped them create environmental awareness in the school.