Art Club

We are pleased to share the following good news;
1. Sinkyi 4Grace, YUxi 4 Diligence, Evi 6 Faith won the top three prizes for the different categories for the Geylang West CC Egg Painting Competition.
2. Our P4s, Sabrina, Yu Xi, Selina, Berlinda (4 Diligence) and Kai Xin and Si Hui (4 Charity) - Category B Watercolour painting, is selected for SYF 2015. 
Our Cat A and Cat C are also in the online and print SYF Journals 2015.
3. Our B.R.I.C.K.S GOOD NEIGHBOUR HDB YOUTHORIA 205(P2 Lead Artists) is one of the top 3 winner for the Primary School category. This year they had an added component of presentation for judging which took place this afternoon. And our P2s aced it! The judges love them!