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Student Achievements

Uniformed Groups

Boys' Brigade

1. BB J M Fraser Award of Excellence - Gold Award

2. BB Week - Gold Award

3. BB Week - Lee Soo Ann Challenge (highest collection among Junior companies)

Girls' Brigade

1. Girls' Brigade Company Award - Gold Award

2. Junior Brigadier Brooch (JBB) Award
    - Rainie Sng Yue Yin (P6-3)
    - Teo Si En Joelle (P6-8)
    - Toh Chen Xi, Michelle (P6-8)

3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

1) Weng Yexiang (P2-9) Silver Award
2) Wong Yu Xin (P2-5) Bronze Award
3) Marcus Yu Zexi (P4-8) Bronze Award
4) Wong Yu Tong (P4-3) Bronze Award