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Staff Achievements

Most Inspiring Tamil Teachers Award 2019

Our heartiest congratulations to our Tamil Language Coordinator, Mrs Nantheini Elangovan, who is one of the recipients of the Most Inspiring Tamil Teachers Award 2019. This award is jointly organised by Tamil Murasu (TM), Singapore Tamil Teachers' Union (TTSU) and the Tamil Language Learning and Promotion Committee (TLLPC). This award serves to recognise the stellar performance of Tamil Language teachers for their role in educating and promoting Tamil Language among their students.  

MOE Service Excellence Award (MSEA)

MSEA recognizes staff who are passionate in service delivery, consistent in serving customers with CARE (Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Effectiveness) and inspire colleagues to do likewise. We are proud to have 12 awardees for 2019. 

Congratulations to the following staff for being recipients of the 2019 MOE Service Excellence Awards!

Gold Award:           Mrs Nantheini Elangovan
                                Ms Ong San San Denyse
                                Ms Tan Li Ling
                                Ms Theresa Tong
                                Mrs Janice Wan

Silver Award:         Mr Aloysius Koh
                                Mr Calvin Eng
                                Mr Kwek Harvey
                                Ms Pearl Saw
                                Ms Sun Jinyu
                                Ms Sarah-Ann Tan
                                Mdm Wong Nuik Yin

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