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Assessment Policy

  1. Students who are absent for any paper in an examination without a valid medical certificate will not be awarded any mark for the paper they missed. They are required to produce a valid medical certificate or other official document to explain their absence (valid reason) for a paper. The final marks will then be pro-rated.

  2. There will be no arrangements made for students to take their examinations on another day, except for oral examinaton, where a valid certificate or official document has been produced. Students with flu-like symptoms and temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to sit for the day's paper.

  3. Students caught cheating during tests / examinations will not be awarded any mark for the paper.

  4. Students are not allowed to carry their mobile devices or any smart devices with communications and / or recording functions during the examinations. All mobile and smart devices must be switched off and placed at the designated area in front of the classroom. Anyone found to be in possession of mobile or smart devices during the examination will be immediately disqualified from the examinaton.

  5. Students are not allowed to interact with one another, other than the invigilator, in the examination room, corridors or toilets once the examination has started.

  6. Requests to review grades must be made within three working days following the return of the CA or SA papers. A review of grade may result in no change to the grade, or change to a higher or lower grade.