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School Crest & Motto

School Crest

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The School Crest is the embodiment of our aims and aspirations for Geylang Methodist School. The shield offers protection and reminds us of the Lord God who is our strength, our help and our shield.

At the heart of the shield is a flaming torch formed by the letters ‘M’ and ‘S’. This torch symbolises the passion of GMS to seek the Light and Truth in Jesus Christ who is the Light of the World, and whose Truth will set us free.

The white 27-point starburst is inspired by our heritage when the school started with 27 students in 1924. It motivates us to strive for purity, integrity and excellence in our holistic education.

The colours blue and gold frame our crest and represent heaven and earth respectively, reflecting our heavenly aspirations which are firmly grounded in our earthly realism to ‘Grow in Friendship, Body and Mind’.

School Motto

To Grow in Friendship, Body and Mind