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Our Examination Policy

• Pupils must be in proper school uniform. PE attire is not allowed.

• Reporting time for school is as usual during the test/examination period. No extra time will be given to latecomers. All

pupils are to be seated at their assigned desks at least 10 minutes before the start of the test/examination.

• Orderliness and silence must be observed throughout the entire examination.

• Pupils who are guilty of improper conduct or misbehaviour during the examination may be expelled from theexamination room.

• Pupils are to check the examination/test scripts for missing pages or questions with the invigilator.

• During the examination, pupils can only have stationery with them.

For MTL Paper 1 (Composition), SEAB-approved Dictionary and e-Dictionary can be brought into the examination room.

For P5 and P6 Math Paper 2, MOE-approved calculator can be brought into the examination room.

• There would be no re-sitting of examination papers for pupils who were absent with or without a valid Medical Certificate.For pupils with a valid medical Certificate, a "VR" will be reflected in the result slip for that subject.

• Pupils who do not have a valid Medical Certificate for tests, oral and written examinations would be given ZERO marks.

for that subject. A letter from the parent/guardian will not be accepted in this case.

• Pupils taking PSLE are to refer to the "Instructions to Candidates" booklet for adherence.