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Our School Rules

Pupils are expected to observe the general guidelines:



  • Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist over the heart.
  • Pupils must stand at attention during the flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremonies.



  • Pupils must come to school on time and leave school only after dismissal.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal. Any such act will be considered an act of truancy.
  • For early departure, pupils must seek permission and fill in the early departure book in the General Office. They are allowed to go home if accompanied by parents/ guardians.
  • Pupils who are absent due to sickness must produce a medical certificate from a certified doctor.
  • For non-medical reasons ( such as death in the family ), a letter from parents / guardian should be produced. The letter should be neatly written or typed and enclosed in an envelope.
  • Absence without a medical certificate or a parent’s / guardian’s letter may be regarded as a truancy case.
  • Pupils should not take leave of absence during term time to travel abroad without the permission of the Principal.
  • For security reasons, parents/ guardians who wish to see their children/ wards must report to the Security Post with their ICs. No visitor is allowed to see a pupil without permission from the General Office.


In the classroom

  • Pupils are not to stay in the classroom during recess.
  • All pupils are responsible for the cleanliness of their respective classrooms.
  • Pupils are to switch off all lights and fans when they leave their respective classrooms.
  • Pupils who wish to leave their classrooms to go to the toilet or run errands during lesson time are to obtain permission from the teacher. They must wear the class tag.
  • Pupils are not to bring sweetened drinks/ food into the classroom.
  • Pupils are allowed to use the computer only when the teacher is in the class and permission has been given.


Outside the classroom

  • Pupils are responsible for the cleanliness of the corridor outside their classrooms.
  • Pupils are to keep to the left and follow the footprints when walking up and down the stairs.
  • Pupils are to move in a quiet and orderly manner from point to point and along corridors and staircases.


In the Canteen

  • Pupils must queue up to buy food.
  • Pupils must observe good table manners.
  • Food and drinks are to be consumed in the canteen only. After eating, used utensils must be returned to the respective receptacles provided.
  • Pupils are not to run, play or shout in the canteen.
  • Pupils must throw all litter into the bins provided.Littering is an offence. Pupils who commit this offence will be asked to pick litter


In the Toilets

  • Pupils must not play with toilet paper / mess up the toilet. Any such act will be considered an act of vandalism.
  • Pupils should practise good toilet habits like flushing the toilets after use and keeping the toilet floor clean and dry.


In the Hall

  • Pupils are not to play without teacher supervision in the hall.
  • No food or drinks is to be consumed in the hall.
  • All pupils are responsible for the cleanliness in the hall.
  • During silent reading, pupils are to remain seated and read quietly.


At the Play Areas ( Basketball court , Fitness Corner )

  • Pupils must play safely at the play areas.
  • No food or drinks is allowed in these areas.
  • In case of any accident or incident , pupils must report the matter to the teacher on duty/ General Office immediately.


During Co-curricular activities ( CCA)

  • Pupils must be in school uniform on the days of their CCAs and then change into their PE attire or the attire of their uniformed groups / CCA after school.
  • Sports and track shoes are allowed only during sports and games related CCAs.
  • Pupils who are unable to attend their CCA must produce a medical certificate or a letter of excuse from the parents/ guardians.


During Supplementary / Other classes

  • Pupils are to remain in school to have their lunch after school on the days of their supplementary / other classes/CCA after school.
  • Pupils who wish to go home for lunch are to obtain permission from the teacher and a letter from the parents/guardians must be given to the teacher concerned.
  • Pupils who are unable to attend classes must produce a medical certificate or a letter with valid reason/s from the parents/ guardians.


During Examinations / Tests

  • Pupils are to remain seated quietly when the invigilator is distributing or collecting the papers.
  • Pupils are to concentrate on their own scripts and not look at their classmates’ papers.
  • Pupils are not to talk or communicate in any manner to each other during examinations / tests.
  • Pupils are to raise their hands when they need help / ask a question.
  • Handphones or any other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the examination rooms.
  • No mark will be given when a student is absent without MC for a class test or an examination. A letter from the parent / guardian will not be accepted in this case. 


Other Procedures

  • Parents/ Guardians are requested to make photocopies of the Semestral Assessment results for their own reference.
  • Applications for MOE Financial Scheme and school bursaries are available at the General Office. Completed forms are to be handed to the General Office.
  • Application forms for external bursaries that require the school’s endorsement should be given to the General Office three days in advance .
  • Whether inside or outside the classroom, pupils must not spit, litter, deface any wall, furniture and/or tamper with the fire alarm or the fire extinguishers.
  • Pupils must treat school property with care. Pupils will be required to pay for any damage or loss of school property due to recklessness or negligence.
  • Pupils must exercise self-discipline and uphold the good name of our school at all times.


School Attire

  • Pupils must attend school and all school activities in proper school uniform.
  • Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Pupils who come back to school during the weekends and holidays must be in school uniform or in the appropriate CCA attire.
  • Wearing of slippers, sandals and track shoes for normal school functions is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Principal.
  • Pupils with special needs ( e.g.flat footed ) are allowed to wear shoes ( recommended by doctors ) . The shoes have to be in white. In such cases, a doctor's letter is required.


The school uniform comprises:



  • Navy Blue Collar
  • White Shirt
  • Name Tag ( Sewn above pocket )
  • School Logo
  • Navy Blue shorts
  • GMS(P) socks or plain white socks ( above ankles )
  • White canvas shoes



  • Navy Blue Collar
  • White Shirt
  • Name Tag ( Sewn above pocket )
  • School Logo
  • Navy Blue skirt ( Knee length )
  • GMS(P) socks or plain white socks ( above ankles )
  • White canvas shoes


PE Attire

The PE attire comprises of School PE T-shirt (house colours) and PE running shorts. Pupils are allowed to wear their PE attire on days they have PE lessons.Name tag is to be sewn above the school logo on the PE T-Shirt.




  • Pupils should not sport outlandish hairstyles. They should not perm, gel, highlight or colour their hair.
  • Boys’ hair must be shor t, slope-cut, neat and well-groomed. The fringe must not fall across the forehead and touch the eyebrows. There should be no sideburns. Boys must be clean shaven and no beard or moustache is allowed. 
  • Girls with short hair should be neat and tidy.
  •  Girls with long hair (i.e. hair at or beyond shoulders) should tie up their hair neatly. Only black or navy blue ribbons/hair bands are allowed. The fringe must not touch the eyebrows.



  • Spectacle frames should not be colourful/fanciful. Recommended colours for spectacle frames are black, brown or blue.
  • No jewellery, talisman or any form or adornment is to be worn in school.  If necessary, it must be kept in the pupils’ wallet or pocket.
  • Boys are not allowed to pierce ear holes or wear earrings/studs.
  • Girls are allowed to wear only gold or silver studs/ring earrings. Only one stud or earring is allowed on each ear. No dangling/fanciful earrings are allowed.
  • Fanciful/expensive watches are not allowed.