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Our Rich Heritage

The school was started in 1924 as Geylang Methodist Girls' School (GMGS) by Reverend Lloyd Sullivan, the District Superintendent, with Mrs Chai Han Kiat and Miss Emma Walker, members of the Methodist Church.

The mission of its founders was to set up a school that would provide education for girls in an impoverished Geylang area and be a beacon of light for the students and community. 

The early years were a struggle. There was no land nor funds to build the school. Undeterred, both Mrs Chai and Miss Walker continued to go house-to-house to canvass for students. With no premises of her own, GMGS started off within the premise of Geylang Chinese Methodist Church with 27 girls. From the very beginning, missionaries and pastors of the church provided supervision and strong support to the school.

With financial support of many well-wishers and the Methodist Churches, the school grew from strength to strength. To meet increasing enrolment, GMGS grew and expanded to form Geylang Methodist Primary School and Geylang Methodist Secondary School in 1984 along Geylang East Central, where both schools are now situated. It was also in this year that the schools became co-educational. The schools were later renamed Geylang Methodist Schools (Primary and Secondary) to reflect oneness in the family.

The school has established a distinctive Christian culture based on an ethos founded on shared beliefs and values.  This is reflected in the following ways:

  • The school chaplains are pastors from the Methodist Churches.
  • All members of the Board of Management (BOM) have connections with the Church.
  • Sports houses are named after people from the Methodist Mission.
    • Archer House (Red) is named after Mrs Raymond L Archer.  Her husband, Rev Archer, was a Methodist Bishop in the 1950s.
    • Means House (Yellow) is named after Mrs Paul B Means.  Her husband, Rev Means, was the editor of the Malaysian Message, an official organ of the Singapore area of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 1930s.
    • Lau House (Green) is named after Mrs E S Lau.  Mrs Lau was the first local Principal of GMGS from 1931 to 1941.  Her husband, Rev Lau, was the pastor of the English section of the Geylang Chinese Methodist Church.
    • Mitchell House (Blue) is named after Miss Mabel Mitchell, Principal of GMGS from 1949 - 1950.

Today, 95 years after our humble beginnings, Geylang Methodist School (Primary) now has more than 1600 students. We are deeply appreciative of the strong support given by our partners and well-wishers. With the new building extension and facilities, we are finally able to function as a single session school this year. We remain rooted to our founders' clarion call to provide new opportunities in a joyful learning environment and be that beacon of light in this Geylang community.

To God be the glory.

"A Christian school is like a family.  It runs on the basic principles of love, tolerance and duty.  It is the responsibility of everyone...that these are maintained..."

- Rev J V Ayaduray, Chairman of school's first Management Board, 1960.

1 Site of School 1927.jpg

Site of New School (1927)

2 Site of School 1927 (1).jpg

Site of New School (1927)

3 New School Extension (Hall and Classroom).jpg

New School Extension - Hall and Classrooms

4 Class of 1948 with Ms Mitchell.jpg

Class of 1948 with Miss Mitchell

5 Staff 1957.jpg

Staff of 1957

6 New School (1984).jpg

New School Compound (1984)

7 Teaching Staff of GMSP 1990.png

Teaching Staff of GMSP (1990s)