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Parent Support Group

Chairman's Message

Communication is a crucial bridge between all people and communication between parents and children is one of the most important aspects here, since the way parents communicate with their children teaches and affects how they will communicate in the future.

Talking to our children regularly makes us aware of what they are experiencing in school and their lives. Just by asking about their homework or spelling is simply not enough. An open-minded question that makes it possible for the child to share his or her joy, glory, uncertainties and anxieties would certainly create the opportunity for us to encourage, assure and show our interest in their lives.

By joining the Parent Support Group (PSG), we assure you will go beyond supporting your own child and contributing to a larger group of students in the school. Parent volunteers also have the opportunity to build rapport with teachers and the Principal. Our group of parents who are loving supporters serve weekly as individual tutors in the English reading programs and act as chaperons to help out in the school library or the SwimSafer course. On top of these, we also support many other school events such as the Primary 1 Orientation, first day of school, Learning Week and Sports Carnival.

It is the PSG's belief that in being supportive partners of the school, this will enable us to nurture our GMSP learners to be contributors in the community. By this, we look forward to more parents coming on board this partnership adventure to discover your strengths and help us grow GMSP from strength to strength.

So, come join us!

To find out more about PSG, do visit us at GMSP website or you can email us at psggmsp@gmail.com. For enrolment, you can download the application form and submit it to the school General Office. We look forward to your support and participation.

Jaslyn Teo
PSG Chairman